Health Insurance Plans accepted at Partners Hospitals

Partners HealthCare hospitals accept most major types of health insurance.  At the bottom of this page, you will find links to PDFs that list the insurance plans and products currently accepted by each hospital. Please also read the important information below about insurances accepted.

Important information about insurance accepted

  • Always check with your own health insurance provider. You should always check with your own health insurance plan before getting care to make sure you understand your covered benefits and costs. 
  • The insurance plans listed are accepted by Partners hospitals and the physicians who work for our hospitals. There are also physicians who are affiliated with but do not work for our hospitals. These doctors may accept different insurances than our hospitals. To make sure your physician accepts your insurance, please check with their office before you schedule an appointment.
  • Many insurance plans are now considered “tiered” plans, and have different levels of costs depending on where you go for care. The information found using the links below should be used as a reference, but it is important that you check with your own health insurance plan to see what level of coverage you will receive at a specific hospital. Even if you see your insurance plan listed, additional referrals or authorizations may be required.  Some services may not be covered by your insurance coverage at every location. The level of coverage provided to you is determined by your insurer.
  • Also, many health insurance plans may use other companies to cover certain services such as behavioral health (mental health) or transplant related services. Please contact your health insurance plan or employer for your specific questions.
  • If your health insurance plan or product is not listed at the links below, please contact your insurance plan to find out for sure what coverage may be available to you. 

Insurance taken, organized by hospital*

*  We do not currently have insurance information for Cooley-Dickinson Hospital, Massachusetts Eye and Ear, and Wentworth-Douglass Hospital.