Supplier / Vendor Information

Partners HealthCare values the services of our suppliers / vendors and wants to provide the information needed to create ethical and effective working relationships.

Partners has established policies that govern our relationships with suppliers and other business partners / contractors. The resources below are designed to assist you to understand what we expect of ourselves and of those with whom we do business.

Policy on Interactions with Industry

Partners' policy on interactions with industry was developed and recommended by a physician and scientist-led commission on Interactions with Industry, designed to govern Partners' interactions with the pharmaceutical industry, medical device makers, and other suppliers.

Read more information about this policy.

Ethical Standards

Suppliers are encouraged to review our ethical standards section of our desktop site to familiarize themselves with the how Partners HealthCare and its employees conduct business. You can also download a Guide to Ethical Standards at Partners HealthCare.

Gifts Between Suppliers & Partners Employees

Partners has adopted a comprehensive ban on gifts from vendors / suppliers. Please read Partners' Policy for Interactions with Industry and Other Outside Entities to learn about this change and other important standards governing the relationships between Partners suppliers and our employees, physicians, and volunteer leadership.