Partners HealthCare has been extremely fortunate to have had a series of leaders who are highly respected in the field of medicine and health care. These include Dr. H. Richard Nesson, Dr. Samuel O. Their, Dr. James Mongan, Dr. Gary Gottlieb, and Dr. David Torchiana. They have advanced the science of medicine and the practice of health care, and have strengthened the system of care for patients.

Technological innovations, breakthroughs in patient care, research, teaching, and service to the community highlight some of the recent accomplishments of Partners leaders as they provided a guiding voice in the creation of health care reform.

Led by Dr. Anne Klibanski, President and CEO, today’s Partners leaders carry on this legacy of commitment to excellence.

Senior Management

Anne Klibanski, M.D.
President and Chief Executive Officer

Margaret Norton
Chief of Staff

Peter K. Markell
Executive Vice President of Administration and Finance,
Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer

Gregg Meyer, M.D.
Chief Clinical Officer

Tom Sequist, M.D.
Chief Patient Experience and Equity Officer

Ravi Thadhani, M.D., M.P.H.
Chief Academic Officer

Jeff A. Weiss
Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer

Leadership at Affiliated Institutions

David Segal
AllWays Health Partners

Elizabeth G. Nabel, M.D.
Brigham and Women’s Hospital

David McCready, MBA, MHA
Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital

Allen L. Smith, M.D.
Brigham and Women’s Physicians Organization

Joanne Marqusee
Cooley Dickinson Hospital

Denise Schepici
Martha’s Vineyard Hospital

Peter L. Slavin, M.D.
Massachusetts General Hospital

John Fernandez
Massachusetts Eye and Ear

Timothy G. Ferris, M.D.
Massachusetts General Physicians Organization

Scott L. Rauch, M.D.
McLean Hospital

Paula Milone-Nuzzo, Ph.D., R.N.
MGH Institute of Health Professions

Gary Shaw
Nantucket Cottage Hospital

Gregg Meyer, M.D. - Interim President
Newton-Wellesley Hospital

David J. Roberts, MD
North Shore Medical Center

Lynn Malloy Stofer
Partners Community Physicians Organization

David E. Storto
Partners Continuing Care

Keren Diamond, RN, BSN, MBA - Interim President
Partners HealthCare at Home

Maureen Banks, R.N., M.B.A.
Spaulding Rehabilitation Network

Gregory J. Walker, F.A.C.H.E.
Wentworth-Douglass Hospital

Board of Directors

Scott M. Sperling, Chairman

Anne Finucane

John Fish

Wycliffe Grousbeck

Susan Hockfield

Richard E. Holbrook

Albert A. Holman, III

James L. Kaplan

Anne Klibanski, M.D.

Jonathan Kraft

Carl J. Martignetti

Diane B. Patrick

Phillip T. Ragon

Pamela Reeve

Ali Salim, M.D.

Scott Schoen

Alexander L. Thorndike

Rochelle Walensky, M.D., MPH

Gwill York