Ethics at Partners

Partners HealthCare is committed to conducting its affairs in accordance with the highest ethical and legal standards. In order to maintain these standards, all those associated with Partners perform their duties with integrity and honesty.

Partners has achieved a reputation as an institution of the highest integrity. This reputation is a priceless asset that we do our utmost to maintain, to continue to build our position of respect and prestige in the community.

Ethical Standards

Partners depends on each individual in our network to make our shared commitment to high legal and ethical standards come to life, and sets clear standards for our interactions with industry. The trust and respect enjoyed by Partners in our community is the result of repeated acts of integrity by individuals within Partners and its member institutions over many years.

Each person working for or representing Partners is committed to noticing and reporting any internal problem that violates Partners standards so that it can be corrected. Partners prohibits any retribution for bringing forward a good faith concern. 

View the Partners Guide to Ethical Standards, updated in 2015.

Ethical Standards